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The Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry (IAACD) aims to promote aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry in India. This is our 30th year!

History of IAACD

IAACD is the face of Aesthetic Dentistry in India is an association of passionate dentists who emphasize aesthetic & cosmetic dentistry. This 30th year promises to be as spectacular as those past.

One visionary, Dr. Sandesh Mayekar, the Founder President, was absolutely focused. He saw to it that over the years, all leading luminaries from around the globe visited India for IAACD conferences and shared their knowhow and knowledge with the Indian dental fraternity. That has given an impetus to this special branch of dentistry in being imbibed by the community of practitioners.

Stellar faculty, namely, Drs. Gordon Christensen, Ron Feinman, George Freedman, Fay Goldstep, Danny Fischer, Jeffrey-Golub Evans, Marty Abel, David Ouellet, T. Hobo, Peter Tay, Elliot Mechanic, Galip Gurel, Michael Miller, Irwin Smigel, Wolfgang Richter, Luca Dalloca, Tomohiro Takagaki, Stephan Lampl, Maria Csillag are but a few whom we have had the honor of hosting.

To foster understanding and application of both the theory and practice of aesthetic dentistry in all of its facets. Reaching out to all practitioners/budding dentists across the country bringing them the latest technology and techniques from the world over.

IAACD 2021 Team